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At Toni's Ponies, our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome. We also offer sanctuary for horses that cannot be rehomed. Before our horses are ready to be rehomed, our goal is to make sure they are healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally. This can be a long process for some horses. 

Make sure to check back regularly, and also feel free to contact us with questions about the status of a horse!

Every horse has a story and this is where you will find them. We’ve set up this page to give you a little bit of information about the horses that are current residents here at Toni’s Ponies, horses that have come through and found their forever homes, horses that are ready to find their forever homes and those that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Our goal of rescue, rehabilitate and rehome is seen clearly in the stories here. Some horses are here for a short time, others might end up being permanent residents. All of them have captured our hearts. 






























Carl Wayne & Le'roy






The Donks

The horses of Toni’s Ponies

Every horse has a story and this is where you will find them. We’ve set up this page to give you a little bit of information about the horses that are current residents here at Toni’s Ponies; horses that have come through and found their forever homes, horses that are ready to find their forever homes and those that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Our goal of rescue, rehabilitate and rehome is seen clearly in the stories here. Some horses are here for a short time, others might end up being permanent residents. All of them have captured our hearts. 

Meet the herd!


Jewel is one of the most recognized horses in our herd. She’s pretty much become the face of Toni’s Ponies and is never late for treats or a meal! She’s a sweetest girl with tons of personality and is an absolute joy to ride bareback as she is hands down the most comfortable horse we have!
Jewel was rounded up off the Colville range as a pregnant mare and sent directly to the feedlot. She was unhandled and very skittish to human contact, and she gave birth at the feedlot in a 105 degree shelterless pen. We brought her home in June 2015 and never looked back. We named her baby, Gem. Jewel still currently lives at the farm and baby Gem was placed into her forever home. It took us about three months of consistent work and lots of love, and one on one time spent with Jewel to earn her trust. Now she is the most loving, in your pocket horse we have. 

Commonly referred to as Princess Bailey, you will find her either on the lawn here at the farm or waiting for room service in her stall. Up until this last year Bailey was our go to riding horse for new beginners. At the moment she is having some issues with abscesses and has been on stall/yard rest. She’s known for her mare glare and while this girl is just absolutely wonderful, she will not hesitate to throw you a look! We love her to pieces!
Bailey came to live at the farm in February of 2020. She is a pinto mare, now in her 20’s and worked hard as a lesson and show horse until suffering a career ending injury. Her amazing previous owners decided to place her with us here at Toni's Ponies to be pampered in her retirement.

Challis is such a happy boy and always a gentleman! He is owned by Jessica Rivera and boarded here at Toni’s Ponies. He loves running up and down the hill and you would not believe what this boy looked like when we brought him home. 
Challis was a rescue from the feedlot in April 2019. We saw him and his kind eyes and knew we had to save him. He was skinny, muddy and covered in lice. We purchased him with donations and posted it on Facebook and it just so happened that his previous owners in Eastern Washington saw our post and contacted me. They told us his name was Challis as he was born in Challis, Idaho. 
Challis is in his 20’s and originally belonged to a family that had daughters in 4-H and he competed for years and they absolutely loved him and had planned on keeping him forever. The children grew up and left and Challis was just hanging around. The previous owner had a friend who knew about Challis and reached out to him to purchase Challis for his grandchildren with the promise he would give Challis a forever home. He lied!! He ended up starving Challis (unbeknownst to his previous owner who was shocked and heartbroken when he saw the condition he was in) then sent him to the feedlot with no concern or care if he went to slaughter. Challis came home with us and began his rehabilitation program.  

Rosie is such a smart and curious girl! She can be seen instigating play with the other horses and working with her owner Andi around the farm. We consider her story an absolute full circle success. Rosie came to us a completely wild horse that was rounded up from the Yakima reservation range. She was pregnant and untouchable. She was going to be shipped to slaughter and our village raised the funds to rescue her. 
It took a lot of one on one time to get this girl to trust. This was during COVID and Rosie captured the heart of Shelby, a teenager, doing school from home. Shelby, along with Andy and Toni spent hours with Rosie. Eventually she had her baby, was able to be touched, and was healing mentally and physically. She joined the larger herd and has thrived. This past year one of our volunteers took the leap and adopted Rosie. She is being boarded here at Toni’s Ponies and we are thrilled to see her continual progress. She’s turning into quite the little riding horse and Andi sees trails in her future this summer!

Miles is such a laid back guy. This boy was an owner surrender and we feel so blessed that he has landed here. Miles had a great family that fell on some hard times. They had to make the hard decision to give him up and sought us out. Since he’s been here he’s been a part of kids camp, trail rides, and part of our large herd. 

Pharah is a perky little arab with a lot of personality. You’ll find her prancing about throwing her head but she’s not really as divaish as she looks. Pharah came to us when her owners were unable to care for her anymore due to age and illness. She has always had a sweet disposition and is ridden occasionally. 

Zipcode was an owner placement and has captured the heart of one of our young volunteers. This guy is a little pushy and definitely likes to pick fights with our minis. He had sustained an injury before we got him but has healed up nicely and is well on his way to being a great riding horse again!
Gypsy has come a long way. She’s still a little flighty – a bit of a scaredy cat but she’s been working in the round pen lately and she moves beautifully. Gypsy has been adopted by a good friend and volunteer Barb and is boarded here at Toni’s Ponies. Her story still brings tears to our eyes. 
Sweet Gypsy Girl. Rescued in October of 2018. Gypsy was dumped at the sale with her shoes still on. When my friend Bev saw her at the sale she called to tell me about her and we instantly knew we had to save her. She was standing in the corner of her holding pen literally quivering from fear and had tears coming out of her eyes, she was terrified. Just that info alone was enough to tear my heart out, and we reached out to our village (so many of you that we can’t thank enough) that rallied and paid her way out.  So skinny, terrified, and discarded like trash, she did not know if she would be saved or loaded into the trailer with slaughter bound horses that were not lucky enough to be saved. When we showed up to pick her up she was standing in the corner of her pen with her head hanging down to her knees. I called her name and she let out the softest, saddest nicker I have ever heard. She had given up. She walked up to me and put her head in my hands, instantly her name became Sweet Gypsy Girl. With tears in my eyes I put a halter on her (she was the only horse left at the sales yard) and she led like a champ and walked out of there with me and walked right into the trailer to never look back. She has had a lot of TLC and so much love. Sweet Gypsy is a Tennessee Walking horse and she is in her late teens.

Megs is our resident mule. She’s a striking girl and loves her butt scratches. Our neighbor Alex fell hard for Megs within weeks of her arriving on the farm and has adopted her. She has the most beautiful ears and is crazy smart. That said… she does things on her terms. We don’t have a lot of history on Megs. She was rescued from auction and has some pretty bad arthritis in her back end. She wont be ridden here but she enjoys doing ground work and is part of our large herd. 

Jessie is our one eyed wonder. She is currently in our healing pasture as she can’t be turned out into the large herd. 
We rescued Jessie June of 2020 from the feedlot. Jessie was injured and ultimately blind in one eye so she was deemed useless and sold to end up as a slaughter bound horse.
She is a 14 hands paint mare and as sweet as they come. When she got here, she was pretty beat up, especially on her blind side from the other horses at the feedlot.
We had a huge yard sale and made enough through donations to have her surgery to remove her eye that was blind. She has since recovered through a lot of love and necessary medical attention.

Beauty is one hard nut to crack. She has been at Toni’s Ponies for over two years now and has resisted human contact hard core. She has a few very dedicated volunteers that have made it their mission to get her to a point of even putting a halter on. Just recently we’ve had some major break throughs with her. We are so grateful for our volunteers and the countless hours they spend working with these horses.
Beauty came to the farm on December 17, 2020 as a rescue from the feedlot, the day before she was scheduled to be sent to slaughter. She was pregnant when we rescued her and she foaled in March 2021.
Beauty was completely unhandled and could not be touched when she came to the farm.  It's been a long, slow process gaining her trust but she is starting to feel more comfortable around people.
Sugar has been here at Toni’s Ponies since late 2022. She was thought to be with foal but upon arrival and her wellness check it was confirmed that she was not. It was definitely for the best. This girl is probably in her mid twenties and was severely underweight when she arrived. She is so calm and sweet and we’ve been working with her weekly and she’s proving to be quite the riding horse. 

Wendy was rescued in late January of 2023. Wendy had been abandoned at a property and the owners had cared for her for nearly two years. When one of the property owners fell sick it was very difficult for the other to continue care for Wendy. They contacted us hoping that we could step in and help. Wendy came to us severely emaciated and our first job was to get weight on her. She is an incredibly sweet horse and loves to be loved on. She is currently in our healing pasture with two other horses. She seems to have a shoulder injury and should not be ridden. She would make a great pasture pet though! You can read about Wendy’s rescue here on our blog.

Darby was rescued initially by Olesja Lapteva of Poulsbo. She was saved from the Eugene Sales yard in August of 2022. Olesja contacted Toni’s Ponies because Darby was not thriving in her herd. She had pretty bad diarrhea and was not putting on weight. She as also pregnant. Darby is an absolute love and we are currently trying to get her in top condition to have her baby. She’s had a wellness check and the baby is BIG. She was exposed to a draft pinto. Darby is a big girl herself measuring at 18 hands! She’s a gentle giant.   

Grandpa is our resident wooly mammoth. Just kidding but he’s a curly guy! Grandpa was rescued by Toni’s Ponies when his owner had to move and could not take him with them. He was bound for a feed lot had we not stepped in. He was adopted by a dear friend Molly and is boarded here at the farm. He’s a little stinker when it comes to the other horses but he’s a great family horse! Also he has the most amazing mustache! 

Carl Wayne and Le’Roy
Carl Wayne and his buddy Le’Roy are Toni’s Ponies ambassadors. They are two little butterball boys that came to us very very skinny. We got Carl Wayne and Le’roy in September of 2021. They are both in their mid teens. They were headed to slaughter when Toni’s Ponies stepped in to get them. They are the first ones you see when you pull into the farm and they get lots of love from our walkers. Carl Wayne thinks he’s quite a big deal and Le’Roy is pretty laid back. There’s never a dull moment for these two. 

Joker and Princes
Joker and Princess are our resident old couple. Joker is a 32 inch miniature horse and is in his mid-thirties. He’s such a teddy bear! We love braiding his mane and grooming him and he loves it too! Princess was rehomed with us and the two hit it off so well. She’s also in her thirties and the two love to be turned out in the yard!

The Donks – Gin, Tonic, Missy, and Buddy
We got Gin & Tonic in June of 2016. They are a mother/daughter set of mini donkeys. These donkeys are the friendliest little girls ever. They love to be loved on and insist that everyone in the neighborhood love them as well. They have a huge following of people that stop and visit them on a daily basis. They are easy keepers and ambassadors of our rescue. They will live with us as at the farm forever. Recently two other miniature donkeys were added to our donkey herd. Missy is pasture mates with G&T and our lambs and Buddy has his own little pasture. They love carrots and people!

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