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Beauty is one hard nut to crack. She has been at Toni’s Ponies for over two years now and has resisted human contact hard core. She has a few very dedicated volunteers that have made it their mission to get her to a point of even putting a halter on. Just recently we’ve had some major break throughs with her. We are so grateful for our volunteers and the countless hours they spend working with these horses.

Beauty came to the farm on December 17, 2020 as a rescue from the feedlot, the day before she was scheduled to be sent to slaughter. She was pregnant when we rescued her and she foaled in March 2021.
Beauty was completely unhandled and could not be touched when she came to the farm.  

As of June 2023 Beauty has taken a huge leap forward. She has been able to haltered and led. She also was able to have her feet done for the first time since we got her. This is HUGE. Beauty has a pretty dedicated team of volunteers that are responsible for all this growth. We are can't wait to see what happens next with her. 

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