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Gary is one of  the newest residents at Toni’s Ponies Rescue. He is a 31 year old starved miniature horse that was rescued May 28, 2023. We hope to bring him back to full health soon! He’s a sweet old boy but still really underweight (when we got him he was only 205 lbs) and a little sad. When he first came to us all he would do is stand with his head down. We were very worried he wouldn’t make it through the week. After a vet visit, teeth floating, and a lot of love Gary’s personality has started to surface. He now has the run of the yard and can be found causing mischief and trying to sneak into the grain room. He lifts his head when called and loves his stall to take naps in. He's even been out and about traveling with us. He's becoming quite the little ambassador! He still has a long way to go and some weight to put on but we are blown away by the progress he’s made so far!


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