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Challis is such a happy boy and always a gentleman! He is owned by Jessica Rivera and boarded here at Toni’s Ponies. He loves running up and down the hill and you would not believe what this boy looked like when we brought him home. 
Challis was a rescue from the feedlot in April 2019. We saw him and his kind eyes and knew we had to save him. He was skinny, muddy and covered in lice. We purchased him with donations and posted it on Facebook and it just so happened that his previous owners in Eastern Washington saw our post and contacted me. They told us his name was Challis as he was born in Challis, Idaho. 

Challis is in his 20’s and originally belonged to a family that had daughters in 4-H and he competed for years and they absolutely loved him and had planned on keeping him forever. The children grew up and left and Challis was just hanging around. The previous owner had a friend who knew about Challis and reached out to him to purchase Challis for his grandchildren with the promise he would give Challis a forever home. He lied!! He ended up starving Challis (unbeknownst to his previous owner who was shocked and heartbroken when he saw the condition he was in) then sent him to the feedlot with no concern or care if he went to slaughter. Challis came home with us and began his rehabilitation program.  

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