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Darby was rescued initially by Olesja Lapteva of Poulsbo. She was saved from the Eugene Sales yard in August of 2022. Olesja contacted Toni’s Ponies because Darby was not thriving in her herd. She had pretty bad diarrhea and was not putting on weight. She as also pregnant. Darby is an absolute love and had her baby boy on May 30. It was a picture perfect delivery and mama and baby were both great! The foal was named Super Nova by the Toni's Ponies team and he is just the best little guy in the world. He loves to run and snuggle and play. Darby is such a relaxed but attentive mama and we can't wait to see her little guy grow up. Darby still has some medical issues that need to be figured out. She breathes very heavy and we are waiting on a vet appointment to get xrays done of her sinuses. 

Darby & Super Nova

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