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Jewel was rounded up off the Colville range as a pregnant mare and sent directly to the feedlot. She was unhandled and very skittish to human contact, and she gave birth at the feedlot in a 105 degree shelterless pen. We were contacted about raising funds for her and her foal and we jumped right on the chance to rescue these amazing beauties. We brought her home in June 2015 and never looked back. We named her baby, Gem. Jewel still currently lives at the farm and baby Gem was placed into her forever home. It took us about three months of consistent work and lots of love, and one on one time spent with Jewel to earn her trust. Now she is the most loving, in your pocket horse we have. We have decided to keep Jewel and continue to work with her so she can be apart of the farm for the rest of her days. She is green broke. 14.2 hands and approximately 7 years old. We have sent her out to receive training and are so excited to watch her grow!!!

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