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Rosie is such a smart and curious girl! She can be seen instigating play with the other horses and working with her owner Andi around the farm. We consider her story an absolute full circle success. Rosie came to us a completely wild horse that was rounded up from the Yakima reservation range. She was pregnant and untouchable. She was going to be shipped to slaughter and our village raised the funds to rescue her. 

It took a lot of one on one time to get this girl to trust. This was during COVID and Rosie captured the heart of Shelby, a teenager, doing school from home. Shelby, along with Andy and Toni spent hours with Rosie. Eventually she had her baby, was able to be touched, and was healing mentally and physically. She joined the larger herd and has thrived. This past year one of our volunteers took the leap and adopted Rosie. She is being boarded here at Toni’s Ponies and we are thrilled to see her continual progress. She’s turning into quite the little riding horse and Andi sees trails in her future this summer!

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