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Ruth was a completely wild horse and was rounded up from the Yakima reservation range. She had a baby with her and they took the baby from her and sold him. She tried to climb an 8 foot fence to get to her baby which is how she sustained many of her leg injuries. I saw her face and decided that we needed to rescue her from being shipped to slaughter.

I put out a call to my Village, and they all answered and paid her fees to be saved and shipped here to Toni's Ponies. When she was put in the trailer to be shipped here, she went crazy and tore her face up trying to escape. It has taken a lot of one on one time to tame her and teach her to trust. She's done a lot of healing mentally and physically, and is turning out to be an amazing little horse that has a lot of potential.

She can now be caught and worked with, and is ready to go to her forever home where she will continue to learn and grow.

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