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So many things!

So many things!

We’ve got so much going on at the rescue that this little blog post might jump all over a bit so bear with me!

Firstly we want to thank EVERYONE for making our Gala such a huge success. So many people made this possible, from volunteers to community partners. The thank you list is a long one and I’m going to attempt to get everyone on here but if I miss you please know that if you contributed in any way big or small to the gala we appreciate you more than you can possibly know!

This was such a fun evening and we loved seeing everyone decked out in their finest. The music was on point and the room looked fantastic! We had incredible silent auction items and we are excited to announce that we made $10,000 for Toni’s Ponies. This will help us through this winter so much!

At the end of this post please, please, please, take the time to look at our list of thank yous. These are the people in our community who have taken the time and the resources to help make this nonprofit what it is and we are incredibly humbled and so very grateful for their contribution!

Now onto what’s been going on in the last month since the gala! We have been battling the mud for one… only a couple of muddy knee casualties so far! During these winter months it’s pretty mucky here at the farm. We live for the summers and we work HARD in the winters pretty much to stay upright. If you plan on visiting and think you are coming to some pristine barn you might be a little disappointed. We work with what we have and we try to make everything as safe and comfortable as possible for our equine friends. This last week we were able to put stall mats in place that help cut down on mud, we change out shavings as often as we can afford and we make sure everyone’s eating spaces are clean and accessible. This also includes making sure water doesn’t freeze over and the hay stays dry! No visions of grandeur here but everyone is warm and safe!

On November 23 we finally got to meet our new mare in person! The passes had been to rough to get over and so it took a little longer for her to arrive. We are in LOVE. Sugar (because she’s so sweet) was picked up in the Walmart parking lot… you really can get anything there. This is not a sponsored ad… She had such a long journey to get to us but was just as sweet and chill as could be. She had quite the welcoming party that night and got brushed and blanketed and put in her new area. She was great with the people and the dogs that ran around and under her feet. Nothing seemed to phase her. This girl was exposed at the feedlot which means she could possibly be pregnant. We had the vet out on December 2 and found out she is NOT pregnant… which is probably for the best as the vet told us that she’s probably in her early 20’s. Other than being a little on the light side she looks great and we can’t wait to get to know her more. Just this last week she was moved into a new pasture with our long-time resident Jessie. We hope these two will get a long and become fast friends!

Now let’s talk about Hellno… You’ve probably seen the videos of our new furry friend. Hellno is a baby goat that needed a home. When Toni told Andy that she would be bringing this precious baby home I bet you can guess what he said… “Hell No!” But here we are chasing a three week goat between a couple of houses. Hellno… when at my house is called “Heckno” or by my toddler just “NoNo” He’s a lot of work but such an incredible little ball of joy. We’ve been sharing him a couple days at a time

between the two houses and everyone is in love… but also happy to see him go to the other house when the time comes! Eventually he will move outside when he doesn’t need to be bottle fed every few hours and when he wont freeze in this weather! He’ll join the sheep and maybe the growing donkey herd!

Now let's talk donkeys! This last week we brought three new donkeys to the rescue. Eeyore, Buddy, and Missy were owner surrenders and we are so very happy to have them. This last volunteer day we introduced them to Gin and Tonic and things went… as well as can be expected really. They weren’t fast friends or anything but given time we think we’ll have quite the little herd. These guys need a little TLC but they are as sweet as can be. Many of you have seen the feet on the little girl and we are excited to have Casey out this week to see what getting those under control look like. Vet will also be out this week and we’ll see if this little girl might be carrying a special surprise!

As this blog post winds down we have one more animal to introduce. Our newest addition is Bam Bam the Turkey! See I told you we were going to be all over the place. Galas, and horses, and goats, and donkeys, and a turkey oh my! Bam Bam lost his feather family to predators and so was rehomed to Toni's Ponies. He'll be joining the chickens soon but for now has parked himself right outside the window above the fire wood. He's friendly and really quite magnificent! Welcome to the family!

Ok last piece of business here! We just got in an order of Hoodies! These are super soft and warm and fit great! For those local these would make really great Christmas gifts! You can purchase online and pick up at the farm! We’ve got all the sizes and colors listed on our FB page and I’ll add those here as well. This round we have mostly larger sizes… Large – XXLarge. I will say, my husband tried all of them on and while he usually wears a large and the large fit him nicely the XL looked great on him too and even the XXL while a little roomy looked nice! So if you have any of those last minute people that you need to get gifts for or you are looking for yourself come and get them!

Again thank you for all your support! We hope you and your family has great holiday season!

Below is a list of individuals and companies in our community that donated to our gala. A huge thank you to all of our volunteers who planned, decorated, served food, helped with publicity, and made this happen. We could not have done it without you and we can not wait to do it again next year!!!!

A&L Topsoil · Randy and Carla Bynum

Allison Gilman · Land Title

Amy Spray · Makerhaus

Annie Hermiston · Sweet Santosha Yoga

Antoinne and Tania Issa

B&B’s Bitch’n Fish

Blazing Bagels · Tara and Al Iredale

Boehms Chocolates Poulsbo

Breanne Martinez

Brit’s Delish Creations

Cari Trussel

Cannon Peters Photography

Christina Dupee

Clearwater Casino and Resort

D’vine Bistro

Dreambird Candles · Cathy Johnson

Evergreen Home Loans · John Endres


Harbor Hair Designs LLC Heavenly Soap · Patti Gibbons

Hood Canal Brewery · Caitlyn Hatchel

Jim and Kristi Lindsay

Kathy and Duke Burgeois

Kim and Rod McElroy

King Bridge Construction

Kingston Ale House

Kingston Filling Station

Kingston Lumber Holistic Nutrition Naturally · Dr. Kasia Kines

Kitsap Detail

Kitty Dumford Kristen Chandler · Grundens

Marine View Hair Studio

Mescha Manietta

Miles Sand and Gravel

Minder Meats · Sam Swanson

New Leaf Pho

Nicole Peters

Nothing Bunt Cakes

Samantha Miller

San Juan Cruises

SeaWolfe · Shawn Humphries

Sound Bobcat

Stacy Patrick · Lucky Star

Sully’s Bistro and Bar

Sweet life cakery

The Women’s Club of Seabeck

Thistle Floral and Home · Shannon Costillo

Tickled Pink · Anastasia Carlson

Todd and Asha Sanders

Tonya Miller

Town and Country Market

Ulins Concrete Pumping

Valley Supply

Wendy Shipp

West Sound Wildlife · Lisa Horn

Winky Lux

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