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Rescue day

9:00am: Today started out like any other day here at the rescue. We currently have fifteen horses, four mini horses, five donkeys, two lambs, a double handful of chickens, and a goat that need feeding. After morning chores, were done we talked about a horse that was in need of rescue. Toni had been sent the same flyer by multiple people online about an abandoned horse just a couple of towns over. She had been in communication with the people for the past couple of days trying to get the story and trying to see if we had the resources for this particular rescue.

12:19pm: Toni gets a call from her contact saying that the horse is now colicing, it’s off it’s food and laying down.

12:35pm: Andy gets the trailer ready and Toni, Andy and Deb jump in the car and pick me (Alex) up on the way out.

1:20: We pull up at our location and walk down to the house. We are greeted by a very distraught woman and a very emaciated horse. The owner explains that this horse was left at her property two years ago and her husband had been taking care of it. He had a stroke a while back and she did her best to care for an animal she knew really nothing about. When I tell you this was heart wrenching, I mean it. This woman was just beside herself with grief and guilt.

This is such a hard thing to see on so many fronts. This horse was in a bad way. It is hard to surrender an animal that you love. It’s hard to make the call to someone when you know the animal is hurting or in need. We never want that to stop people from calling and reaching out. Because we were called, this horse has a fighting chance.

1:55pm: We load this sweet girl in the trailer. Her name is Wendy and she’s on her way to Toni’s Ponies. It’s clear from the get go that she fancies Andy. He walks her down the road and she walks right into the trailer no problem.

2:43pm: We arrive back at the rescue and the peanut gallery (i.e.all the other horses) are lining up to see who is in the trailer. Wendy comes on out like a champ and we are able to spend some time brushing her out and untangling her mane. We get her fit for a blanket and give her some hay and water. Nothing seems to phase her. Tequila, at one point walks right under her… nothing. Her eyes are clear and she seems so happy to be receiving this pampering. She’s cleaned up as much as we can and then taken to the round pen where she’ll spend the night and get used to Jessie and Sugar over the fences. We feed the rest of the horses and throw hay. And that’s a wrap.

4:00pm: The sun is going down and everyone is ready to warm up. I head home across the field and it strikes me that days like this make me feel so many things. I’m so happy that there’s another horse that we can help. I’m sad about her condition. I can’t stop thinking about the woman we left sobbing as she watched us go. I’m worried the horse might not make it. I’m hopeful she will. Toni and Andy have been doing this for awhile and they really are amazing with the people we come into contact with as well as the horses. I feel so lucky to be able to witness days like today.

Don’t forget to follow us on facebook to keep up with all the horses here at Toni’s Ponies. We will be posting updates on Wendy and all of our other equine friends as well. Thank you for your continual support. If you would like to help support this new girl and her road to recovery please consider giving on our donation page which you can find here.

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