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This old horse. We call him Old Man Winter… 39 years old as far as we can figure… He was saved from slaughter, and has thanked and loved us unconditionally since the day he got here--broken and sad--he wouldn’t even eat an apple or carrot for two years. It was like he had never had one before. If these old eyes could tell a story, I bet we would cringe in shock. You see, we figure he was an Old Amish work horse that was thrown away when he couldn’t work anymore; sent straight to the feedlot with no concern or thanks for the years of loyal service, not caring he would end up on the slaughter truck. Always about the almighty dollar.

Old Man Winter crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 14, 2020. Every day we got to spend with him was a blessing. He spent his golden years with us and got plenty of love! He was the most patient, sweet boy and we will miss him so dearly.

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