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Ella, short for Cinderella, was saved from certain death at the feedlot in May of 2015. I saw Ella ‘s picture online and I contacted my friend Valerie and asked her If  she would be interested in taking on this mare with the kind eyes. She said sure and purchased her without seeing her in person. Valerie paid to have her trailered to the farm and she arrived just before dark on that May night. Nothing could prepare us for the way this poor horse looked when she was unloaded from the trailer. Covered in pus filled open sores on her joints, cut from top to bottom with open oozing wounds. This poor mare has a body score of about a 2 out of 10. As much pain as she was in, she was never once anything but sweet when she was being tended to. Val kept Ella here a year while she rehabbed her and got her farm set up for Ella to live happily ever after. She is one amazing horse and is so beautiful and Val will keep her forever.

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